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Disc Recovery

We recover most media and storage devices along with most operating systems and can confidently offer you:

  • Your Data Back or No Charge - Guaranteed
  • Free Collection and Delivery Nationwide
  • Free Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Free Analytical Reports
  • A Guarantee on Your Recovered Data
  • Our Guarantee of Confidentiality

If you are looking for premium hard disc recovery services in Southern Africa, then look no further than Data Detect. For the past ten years, Data Detect has maintained the highest standard in disc recovery services, offering customers superiors with added incentives. Enter our website now to find out more.

Free Collection & Delivery

We collect and deliver your media free to and from any of the following countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi and Madagascar. Simply request an online quote for your disc recovery services or book now - by filling in the online form, packaging your media, and then we will collect and deliver your media free.

Over 90% Success Rate

On all our disc recovery services, we have maintained a success rate in excess of 90%. Obviously, some media may be damaged beyond repair. But for everything else, we have all the tools and expertise to ensure a premium disc recovery each and every time. Our 20 years combined experience in the field has given us the upper hand in the Data Recovery industry in Southern Africa. We also offer class 100, certified clean rooms to take care of any complex recovery procedures. Send through your disk, so that we can begin your disc recovery today.

No Recovery, No Charge Policy

With Data Detect, you do not lose out. If we cannot offer you a surefire disc recovery, then we will not charge you anything. You pay for results, not just our time. In addition, we pride ourselves on delivering results.

Free Diagnostic Evaluation & Analytical Reports

Before we begin a disk restore service, we will conduct a free diagnostic evaluation to assess whether we are able to repair the device. If we are, then we will quote you for the procedure, and once you have accepted the quote we will begin your disk restore. Analytical reports keep you in the loop as to the status of your hardware.

Quick turnaround time

We offer the fastest recoveries around, at no loss of quality. Our technicians are experienced and efficiency at ensuring a disc recovery is conducted properly, but at the correct times. Your disc recovery should take an average of about one day to complete.

100% Confidentially

We know that your data is precious to you; otherwise, you would not necessarily be trying to recover. We pledge that you will receive expect 100% confidentially regarding your data and that it stays within safe hands from the moment it leaves till the moment it is returned. Get the best disc recovery around at Data Detect.