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Data Recovery

We recover most media and storage devices along with most operating systems and can confidently offer you:

  • Your Data Back or No Charge - Guaranteed
  • Free Collection and Delivery Nationwide
  • Free Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Free Analytical Reports
  • A Guarantee on Your Recovered Data
  • Our Guarantee of Confidentiality

Are you facing a data recovery crisis? Is your machine emanating unusual noises? Is it failing to boot? Have you accidentally deleted an important file? Or are you perhaps facing a data corruption issue, where your machine has fallen victim to sabotage, a virus infection, or hard ware damage caused by water, fire or another substance? Have you simply lost a password?

These are only a few of the hundreds of other conceivable instances where your data may be at risk. When faced with one, the worst thing you can do is attempt to fix the problem yourself. Never copy or install anything to the drive, or continue to run programs or surf the web - all of these actions may only worsen the problem. Your best option is to contact a professional data recovery expert, like Data Detect, to restore your data back to a healthy state...quickly, effectively and at a fair cost. You can get a Free Analysis Now - or continue to read on.

Our data recovery services cover all types of data retrieval on all digital media, storage devices and operating systems...

Everything from your PC to pocket flash disk, from the archaic floppy disc to your mobile phone's sim card: all of these devices can contain valuable data one minute, and then next, this data is nowhere to be found - for any number of reasons. Typically, these include mechanical malfunction, software corruption and human error (i.e. accidentally deleting a document or somehow getting coffee inside your PC).

Our highly skilled data recovery technicians are familiar with unobtainable media, ruined data, bugs or virus attacks, combustion and water impairments, media surface corruption and destruction, inadvertent reformatting, inadvertent erasure of data and much more.

We offer data recovery services for personal computers, laptops, servers, raid systems, notebooks, backup tapes, exchange, Linux, CD, DVD and many others. Our service maintains a NO RECOVERY - NO CHARGE policy.

There our so many good reasons for choosing Data Detect...

We service all of the following countries: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar. We collect and deliver your hardware to ensure it arrives safely both at our premises in Gauteng, South Africa and back to your home or office.

At Data Detect, you get quick turnaround on all data recovery projects. We do not fool around; we get right to it. So, expect your data recovered within approximately one working day. We have made a name for ourselves as Southern Africa's premier data recovery brand, primarily from our excellent record of accomplishment - our customers say so -, and with over 20 years combined experience in the data recovery game.

Our data recovery engineers are all internationally trained and qualified to bring you world standard service. All of our complex data recovery operations are conducted within our certified, class 100 clean rooms and tools. So far, our success rate is in excess of 90%. If you are worried about paying for unrecoverable data, do not worry, as we maintain a policy where if we cannot recover the data, we don't charge you. These are just some of the reasons why our service is unparalleled by our competitors. Combining innovative data recovery services with the highest level of technical expertise and world-standard technology is no accident - and that is why customers are choosing Data Detect to handle their data recovery each day.