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HDD Recovery

We recover most media and storage devices along with most operating systems and can confidently offer you:

  • Your Data Back or No Charge - Guaranteed
  • Free Collection and Delivery Nationwide
  • Free Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Free Analytical Reports
  • A Guarantee on Your Recovered Data
  • Our Guarantee of Confidentiality

Are you facing a hard disk drive (HDD) emergency? Is it failing to boot? Is the drive no longer recognised by the operating system? Is there a failed component on the drive? Is there physical damage to the media? All of these situations, and many more, which pose threats to your valuable data, could be rectified if the correct steps are taken. Firstly, do not try to manipulate the device yourself - especially if it contains valuable data. Find an experienced professional, with a proven track record of all types of HDD recovery emergencies, to sort you out. Data Detect is setting the standard in Southern Africa for HDD recovery. Call us today - or simply book a HDD recovery right from our website.

We cater for all types of drive failures

Drive failures fall into three categories: Electro-Mechanical, Software or Media Damage. Electro-Mechanical failures come about when a non-media electronic or mechanical component has failed, rendering the drive inoperable. Software related hard disk drive errors occur when the mechanical components of the drive are functioning correctly, but data has been corrupted on the system. Media damage occurs on the hard disk drive when components of the hard drive are damaged - such as water damage or read / write heads coming into contact with drive platters.

When performing an Electro-Mechanical HDD recovery, one of our experienced technicians will carefully diagnose your device within our certified, class 100 clean room, who will identify the exact cause of the failure and construct a procedure for getting the drive working optimally again.

When conducting a Software-related HDD recovery, we will connect your drive to one of our diagnostic test bed CPU's, where an accurate image of the drive data is created. We apply software tools to analyze this image that identify the exact problem and help to specify an HDD recovery procedure.

With many years of experience, we have been faced with the task of conducting media HDD recovery services for damaged media of many different types. We invest substantially in our research and development department, who are constantly providing us with new tools and solutions for HDD recovery.

FREE evaluation

Each HDD recovery will receive a free evaluation and quotation prior to service commencement to ensure that, firstly, our experienced technicians using the latest data recovery technology can recover the drive and secondly, that it is worth your while for us to do so.

No Recovery - No Charge Policy

We are so confident with our services that we will not charge you a cent, if no HDD recovery was successfully conducted. So, essentially, you have nothing to lose when deciding to send your data or device to Data Detect. When facing an emergency, contact we immediately and we will sort you out.