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Data Recovery Services

We recover most media and storage devices along with most operating systems and can confidently offer you:

  • Your Data Back or No Charge - Guaranteed
  • Free Collection and Delivery Nationwide
  • Free Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Free Analytical Reports
  • A Guarantee on Your Recovered Data
  • Our Guarantee of Confidentiality

Are you looking for no hassle data recovery services from anywhere in Southern Africa? Wherever you are, we will collect your machine or device, take it to our offices in Gauteng, South Africa, recover the lost data and deliver it back to you. All of our data recovery services include a free diagnostic evaluation and quote, prior to recovery. This will allow you to assess whether you want to go ahead with the recovery or abort the service. Enter the Data Detect website now and find out more about our data recovery services.

Why is Data Detect my best option?

For many reasons. Data Detect maintains a data recovery success rate of over 90% across a range of different electronic media. We recover data from personal computers (PCs), laptops, portable hard drives, servers, CD's, DVD's, RAID systems, stiffy disks, memory sticks, mobile phone SIM cards, palm pockets, IPOD's and much more.

We offer much quicker turn around than most of our competitors. Our data recovery services take an average of one business day. That means, you will not need to wait long for that important data to be recovered.

Amongst the top data recovery companies in South Africa, we offer the best pricing for data recovery services around. You can put your mind at ease with our No Recovery, No Charge policy - where you only pay for recovered data. Get the best data recovery services around at Data Detect.

Data Detect can boast over 10 years experience handling all types of data emergencies, from boot failures to data corruption, from failed components to lost passwords, from accidentally deleted files to RAID systems - we have done it all.

All of our complex data recovery services are conducted within certified, class 100 clean rooms. Temperature, airborne contaminants, light or humidity can all affect the data recovery process of susceptible electronic components. Sealed off from potential threats, clean rooms utilise air management apparatus as well as filtration systems to generate positive air pressure within the clean room - protecting the components. Apply for data recovery services from Data Detect today.

Which countries do we service?

Our data recovery services cater for the whole of the Southern Africa region that includes Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

Tips if you experience a data emergency:

Hardware breakdown and data failure can bring about fright, confusion and terrible decision making quickly. Before you make matters worse, take into account the following. Do not open the media or tamper with any of the hardware. For RAID systems, do not take advice from support staff, unless they configured the apparatus originally. Do not backup databases to the same drive. Do not run any so called 'data recovery' software on the machine. Contact a data recovery services professional immediately, such as Data Detect.