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Packing Instructions

Packing Your Damaged Media Properly

When preparing your damaged media for transport it is essential that you adhere to the following steps to protect the package and avoid any further damage to the technology contained within.

  • If at all possible, remove the media from the computer - get expert help if necessary. Send us only the storage media (hard drive(s), floppy, jazz, zip, optical, flashcard, microdrive etc).
  • As most media devices operate in an electrical environment they are subject to ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) if not earthed at all times. ESD, often called "static electricity", is the harmless, but uncomfortable, shock we sometimes receive after walking across a carpet. However, in a technical environment, ESD can prove disastrous by harming delicate electronic devices and components. ESD can appear immediately or with gradual degradation that occurs during use, resulting in further damage or eventual failure of the device.
  • Avoiding ESD is easy. Before moving a computer, hard drive or other component, discharge personal static build up by touching a grounded metal object, such as a plugged-in computer chassis.
  • Handle a hard disk drive as you would handle an egg. Handle failed hard disk drives with greater care than new drives; after all they now contain your valuable data.
  • If you still have it, use the original packaging. If you don't, they are quite easy to replace:
    1. Wrap the media in an anti-static bag or similar material to prevent ESD.
    2. Use a sturdy box that is at least twice the size of the media so that the media can be suspended in the middle of the box. We recommend a minimum of two inches of insulation all around for a 1Kg drive.
    3. Pack the media securely with foam, bubble wrap, or newspaper (loosely) so the media will not move from the middle of the box. Avoid using Styrofoam peanuts as the contents will settle to the bottom of the box.
    4. If sending a computer, laptop or notebook, use great care to ensure proper cushioning and protection. Use at least 6 inches of insulation. The heavier the unit, the more insulation required.
  • Clearly label as "FRAGILE" and ship to: Data Detect, Unit 5, 1 Humber Road, Woodmead, Sandton, Gauteng, S. Africa.