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Data Recovery Procedures

The use of computer technology to aid illegal activity continues to grow in almost every area of crime. Civil cases also often call for evidence derived from electronic storage systems.

As computers become more prevalent in illegal activity, so the value of the evidence they hold grows. The trail of information found within the disk drives of desktop and laptop computers can make or break a case depending on the integrity of the data.

Data Detect can secure evidence

With more than 10 years experience in data recovery, we bring the skills and resources needed to recover critical evidence from e-mails, ledgers and other data content. Some of the cases we have assisted with deal with patent and copyright infringement, trade secret theft, sexual harassment and other employee misconduct, discrimination, divorce, fraud, indecency, industrial espionage, narcotics smuggling and corruption.

Our data recovery experts can safely enter a system, network or data storage device to determine whether data has been deleted or damaged. Depending upon the situation we can search for specific data, phrases, files, numbers or keywords to determine when data was accessed, verify illegal use of proprietary information and validate software license infringement.

Repair altered or damaged data

Using our own proprietary tools we then recover evidence that was either intentionally or accidentally lost, damaged or deleted, on such media as files, formatted disk/tapes, re-initialized disks and damaged disks.

As experts in a wide variety of computer investigation techniques we can examine a multitude of computer platforms and media to locate information. We leverage years of experience in both data recovery and data programming to provide a thorough, tightly controlled and fully documented examination of your computer media.

If your case depends on reliable data recovery, contact us for professional computer forensic services.