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Seagate 7200.11 hard disk drives prompting outrage

In case you aren’t 100% up to date on all the latest tech news, there is something you might not know. Seagate has been having a lot of issues with their 7200.11 line-up of drives, problems that should concern everyone who has their drives.

Initially, problems seemed to be limited to the 1.5TB versions, drives were freezing during large video transfers and were then inaccessible.

Now however, there is talk of more problems with the 7200.11 series. The 1TB and 500GB versions seem to be ones most often affected. Problems include, but are not limited to a “Click of death”, showing as a “0GB” drive, or simply not showing up in the Bios at all.

Some are even claiming that Seagate is deleting users posts about these newer problems. Some drives have an update available, others have a section telling a user to contact support for an update. These same users are being told only that “there is a update set to be released in a few days”, but not what to do with their drives in the meantime.

The problem here is that, when a drive stops being detected correctly in the Bios, the updated firmware will not help. Your only options are then to either send the drive back to Seagate in exchange for a replacement, or send the drive data recovery. Seagate has posted assurances that data on the drives is not affected, and that it is still all there.

If you thought all that was bad, be warned that, until Seagate pulled some of their updates, users were reporting that, while it worked for 750GB and 1TB versions, 500GB drives were being broken by the update itself!

So what do we recommend you do with the drives? Call Data Detect for assistance in Johannesburg on 011-234-4757.

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2 Responses to “Seagate 7200.11 hard disk drives prompting outrage”

  1. Ken said:

    I have a Seagate 7200.11 1Tb that has crashed as mentioned above – what are my options?

  2. Dion said:

    Can u pls let me know what the charges are for repairing the 0gb state of seagate 500gb hdd. Mine shows in bios but thats all no prog or os picks it up st3500320as. Thanks

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