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Can I afford data recovery?

This is a question that has been asked by many of our potential clients.To be honest, you should be asking yourself “Can I afford to lose the data that I cannot retrieve from my hard drive?”.

You will need to weigh up the pros and cons. If it’s lost business data, can it be recaptured and how long would it take your PA to do this task. Is there enough time? If the lost data is your precious family holiday photos, can you let them go or do you have copies on another hard drive?

If the answer to above is ‘Yes, the data is not that important’, put the hard drive aside, and wait until you can afford to have it recovered, else you will need to start from scratch. If you answered ‘No’ to this question, its time to invest in a respectable Data Recovery company who will recover the data for you – such as Data Detect.

Based in Woodmead, South Africa – Data Detect are South Africa’s data recovery specialists.Having been in the industry for the past 20 years, our highly qualified technical team of engineers can assist you as best as they can, getting your data back at affordable prices – data that would have otherwise been lost forever! (Not to worry if you are not a Gauteng resident, we offer free collection and delivery nationwide!)

Our services include data recovery on RAID Systems, Hard drives, Zipp, Digital Camera Media, USB Sticks, PDA’s, IPOD’s and all other types of media.

Data Detect offers data recovery services on a wide range of Operating Systems in South Africa with straightforward procedures designed to ease the pain of data retrieval and make data recovery more affordable for our clients.

Our data recovery company offers a free diagnostic evaluation of your hard drive or other media.This will include an analysis of the situation and a quote for the data retrieval. Other companies might charge for this, but we like to give our clients full transparency so that they can make an informed decision.Click on the quote button at the top of our website for your free quote.

For more on data detect and data recovery, to book your data recovery or to simply get a free quote, call our technical team on +27-11-234-4757/66/69. For emergencies you can call 076 908 5219.


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9 Responses to “Can I afford data recovery?”

  1. Lenny said:

    I have two samsung harddrives that have important information there but my computer is not working. How much would it cost me to have all that information saved on disks?

  2. DEON said:

    i have a sata HDD that the board is faulty…HDD is failing..i need the data on the disc

  3. Data Detect said:

    Please forward an email address or fill in the quote request on the home page and a quote will be sent to you

  4. Jacques du Toit said:

    I have one SATA harddrive. We had three power cuts while running my PC and now it does not want to boot up, asks to insert a disc to reboot. How much will it cost to have info saved to disc and how long since I need the info urgently?

  5. fanie said:

    I’ve got an HP 530 Notebook. Now I’ve got a problem in recovering my entire backup file from another Hard Disk. My PC shows that there are saved file in it but I cannot restore them back, when I try to open the Drive to restore, It gives me an error file.
    Will you kindly e-mail me all the procedures or troubleshooting of this problem!!!
    My Telephone Num-is 011 823 2002ext2003

  6. Darius said:

    I installed operating system on my computer while my slave hard drive is connected, after installation that hard drive needs to be formatted. There is lot of staff that I don’t want to loose in that hard drive.

  7. Alfredo said:

    I loss my cel sony w810i data.
    U can recover my data back?
    Thank yuo

  8. Duif Lubbe said:

    I have a Hitachi Travelstar harddrive removed from my notebook. There are some photos of sentimental value, on the drive. Can you estimate a price for the recovery.

  9. Jonathan said:

    My 640gig internal drive(hitachi) (in external case)

    It booted up, I selected file, closed the drive window, and tryed to open it again, the drive was not recognised. I pulled out the usb and put back, drive boots then gives that clinking sound (powers up then clicks powers up then clicks etc)My daughter might have dropt it without my knowledge. More than likely control board, can u help???

    Data recovery quote.


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