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Hard drive manufacturer warranty and data recovery

A question that is frequently asked by many of our customers – “Could data recovery void the warranty from the hard drive manufacturer?”


Imagine the following scenario.  Your PA has just finished capturing all your companies financial information into a database, when your newly purchased hard drive fails. 


The financial year end is near, and there is no time to recapture the data.  In your panicked state you send your hard drive to a data recovery company to get the important data recovered.  Once you have your data back, only then do you realize that you need to contact the hard drive manufacturer to replace the hard drive as its still under factory warrantee.  You are shocked when you find out that the warrantee is void as the defective hard drive has been opened.


This is a catch 22 situation.  You desperately need your data and in most cases the data is worth more than the actual hard drive.  You can however win both ways by not violating terms of the warranty by following the step below:


Make use of an authorized and reputable data recovery company


Data Detect have years of experience in data recovery and an incomparable technology / skills mix. Data Detect is the right choice whenever you are faced with hard drive recovery. 

We are authorized to recover data by the following hard drive manufacturers: Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, IBM & Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, Iomega, Lacie.

Our objective is to retrieve your data as quickly and effectively as possible, without voiding your warrentee. Remember that we do not charge if we don’t recover your data!

For more on data detect and hard drive recovery, or to simply get a quote, visit our ‘Services’ section or call our technical team on +27-11-234-4757/66/69. For emergencies you can call 076 908 5219.

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