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Common warning signs of data loss and hard drive failure

“What is the most important part of your computer?”. If you had to be asked, your answer would probably be your hard drive. Its an easy question to answer as this component contains all your work and personal data.

Along with the optical drive, the hard drive has moving parts and is therefore one of the most fragile parts of your computer.

In the data recovery industry we often get asked about the early warning signs of hard drive failure and data loss. Even though the signs are few and sometimes difficult to detect, there are a number of warning signs to look out for:

Your computer is slower to boot than usual
If you notice that your computer is slower to turn on (boot) than usual, and you have not installed any new anti-virus software recently, your hard drive may be suffering from bad sectors or blocks. It is recommended that you run a full scan to rule out or fix any bad sectors.

Your computer makes a noise or whirling sound
Any change in sound from your hard disk could indicate that your hard drive is having difficulty completing a rotation. Remember that there are many moving parts on a hard drive, and even specks of dust could result in hard disk failure.

You receive warnings of read/write failures and errors
Warnings such as these indicate that your hard disk has failed to respond. A hard drive contains many magnetically coated metal disks, that if damaged in any way, will probably result in hard drive failure.

How can you protect yourself against data loss?

The number one rule is “be proactive” not “reactive”. Rather have a plan for data recovery after a crash, than try to protect your hard drive from a crash.

Although there are many safeguards you can take to protect your data, for example regular data backups, nothing can protect your computer from a hard drive failure and there are no fail safe ways to prevent this.

Do not attempt to recover the data yourself. This may lead to further damage. It is highly recommended to contact a reputable data recovery company who can assist you with recovering your lost data.

Datadetect own state-of-the-art data recovery labs and highly qualified technicians. We save our clients time and money every day, by returning critical lost data. We recover data on most storage devices and media along with most operating systems. Should you have a data recovery emergency – give us a call today for a quote or to book your media.

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