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Internet Giants Take Steps Towards Liberating Data

Because at Data Detect we’re interested in protecting information, we keep a close eye on the fate of Internet data and how it is treated. News at the moment is the partnership between Google, Facebook and DataPortability. The last of these is a company that places technologies into context in order to create reference designs; in other words, simplifying the movement of data across various online channels. Considering that Google and Facebook are the greatest data giants since the inception of the Internet, the three companies are embarking on a mammoth task.

The group is developing methods to allow users to take their data from websites they use, and to re-use it elsewhere. Also, vendors will soon be able to facilitate the safe exchange of data, whereas in the past privacy has been of central concern. This move will determine the status of Facebook and Google as either data magpies, or open platforms that are interactive, but maintain sensible data policies.

Obviously this sounds miraculous, and the reality will be a very long journey towards innovation. If it can be achieved, however, blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick comments that Internet users will move “into a future of powerful personalisation and logically augmented activity online – while avoiding Minority Report-style dystopian scenarios.” Good luck to all three companies, and here’s looking towards an Internet of easily accessible but fully protected data.

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