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About us

Dealing With Data Loss

With years of experience in data recovery and an incomparable technology / skills mix, Data Detect is the right choice whenever you are faced with unstable storage media and data loss.

Both in South Africa and internationally, we are a world-class player in data recovery and forensics. A reputation that, through client approval evaluation, remains unequaled by any of our rivals.

Our objective is to retrieve your data as quickly and effectively as possible. And, with a more than 90% success rate, you can be confident of success because we won't charge you a single Rand until your data is recovered to your satisfaction.

What's more, we'll collect your drive from anywhere in South Africa and transport it securely to our advanced labs in Gauteng. Our technicians will assess your data, work on its recovery and return it to you quickly.

What To Do When Disaster Strikes

Data is lost for various reasons, but, most commonly, issues arise when:

  • Files are accidentally deleted
  • A Virus has wiped out the boot record
  • The drive was formatted or "F-disked"
  • The drive is no longer recognized by the operating system
  • There is physical damage to the media

Assuming that you don't have a valid backup to restore from, your first step is to stop using the drive and call us on +27 (0)76 908 5219 so we can collect the unit from you.

The fact is that even if you cannot see lost files, the data is usually still there. If you accidentally delete a file, the data is not actually erased from the drive. It is just recognized by the operating system as a file which can be overwritten - to make space for new files. So, as long as nothing new is written to the drive, the data is still there, intact, and can be recovered.

This is why continuing to use a drive that contains unstable data can doom the whole recovery process because, chances are, the the weak files will be overwritten. Even surfing the Internet can overwrite data on the drive and each subsequent software installation (for instance a HDD utility) can destroy up to 100 times its own size worth of data beyond recovery. Therefore, never install or copy anything to the drive you want to recover data from. If possible, stop running the drive immediately.

Even the most serious cases of accidental deletion (for example, formatting your drive from FAT32 to NTFS) are recoverable in the right hands. If you have shut the drive down then the chances are your files are still there. And that's all you need. Your files can be reconstructed - very often nearly perfectly.

The biggest threat comes when there is a physical problem with the drive (the drive is making strange noises, has stopped spinning, or is no longer recognized by the BIOS). In such a situation recovery software is unlikely to fix the problem (each time you run the damaged drive the chances of complete failure increase) and the drive will need to be transferred to a clean room for us to work on. In this case call our emergency number or complete the online booking form to send the unit directly to us for a free assessment.

Data Detect public service efforts

There are so many worthy charities that are in desperate need of help. Fortunately there are many organisations dedicated to assisting those in need.

Data Detect makes frequent donations to the following charities in an effort to increase awareness and spread the spirit of charity.