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Fixing A Crash Can Be Worse

If you experience a hard drive crash, it doesn’t take much to make a bad situation even worse. In the event of a hard drive crash, in most instances, the data is completely recoverable at first. However, as part of human nature, we often try to avoid the high costs associated with hard drive data recovery in order to find some sort of “quick fix” to a very serious problem.

2005 Strangest Data Disasters

Things we hope will NEVER happen to us

Data recovery checklist

he way that damaged media is handled initially can have a major impact on whether data can be recovered from it. Here is quick checklist to help ensure that the correct steps are taken.

Deleted, but not gone

MAINTAINING privacy in the era of digital information requires work on a number of fronts, whether fending off spyware, protecting important files with encryption or configuring a Wi-Fi hot spot to keep interlopers off a wireless network.

Backup – The dark secrets

IT has a substantial history. Alas, as in many areas of everyday life, the computing industry frequently fails to learn from the experience of others.

Are Disks quicker for data recovery?

Between this year and next year, there is “a very clear trend” towards disk as primary back-up and recovery tool, said Gartner analyst Ray Paquet at a recent international forum sponsored by Symantec Corp.

Top 5 Tips for protecting your data

With an estimated 150 million laptops currently in use across the globe, it’s common knowledge that people have embraced the benefits of using laptop computers and other portable devices. Along with these benefits, however, come more instances of data loss as many users don’t practice the best methods for protecting the valuable data on their computers from harm.

Expect dramatic changes in recovery

After more than a decade of stagnation, the data recovery market is going through a pervasive transformation, says one industry expert.

Think modular for recovery planning

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to developing business continuity strategies. Using someone else’s requirements, which might turn out to be based on limitations or regulations that your company does not have, could spell disaster of another type.

In Katrina’s wake: Tech companies focus

Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts are drawing legions of IT experts to assist the Gulf Coast region with data restoration and business continuity services.