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Every drive is going to die!

The information-technology manager’s life is not always an easy one. But it becomes a whole lot harder if you lose your company’s e-mail because of a faulty hard drive on a new e-mail server.

Computers at risk from heat

Businesses are at risk of losing data if they subject their IT equipment to extreme heat such as leaving laptops in their motocars for prolonged times.

HDD’s Damaged Due To Poor Packaging

Proper packaging of hard drives is essential to avoiding costly physical damage, yet thousands of drives are unnecessarily damaged due to poor packaging every year—many of them during shipment to data recovery companies.

Important Shipping Guidelines

To increase the likelihood of a successful recovery, please protect your media during shipment. Since drive components are extremely delicate, any jarring of the hardware can cause additional damage and can make the recovery more difficult than necessary.

Data recovery – A myth?

Computer users and many experts often consider lost data permanently destroyed, with no hope of recovery. Information about lost data can be complex, inconsistent or inaccurate, so it’s not surprising that data loss and data recovery are some of the most confusing and misunderstood concepts.

Hard Drive Data Recovery and Diagnosis

You hear clicking sounds emitting from your hard disk drive, either in a form of clicking or grinding sounds. This can happen when you power up your computer from start or halfway while working on your projects.

Facts about Hard Drives

A computer hard drive stores data on metal oxide platters which spin up to 10000 revolutions per minute.

Maximising the life of your HDD

If I asked you the question: which part of your computer is the most fragile, what would you say? What if I asked: which part is most important to you?

Personal Disaster Recovery Software

Traditional and obvious methods of protecting business PCs and the digital content they contain do not provide a complete and fool-proof solution for content protection or successful recovery in the event of a PC disaster. If a disaster strikes, the requirements to recover the PC to its prior working state can be costly for the business owner.

Preventing Data Backup Woes

By now just about everyone using a computer in a business environment knows how to backup their data; even more so for the mobile users. So it’s puzzling that we still see so many hard drives being sent to the lab to have important data recovered.