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How many people have seen your data?

There’s a funny dichotomy going on between Internet and users that has some rather non-funny implications. The web is increasing in visibility every day – spilling out into lower-income houses and mobile phone browsers. And yet in response, users recoil in the spotlight, placing their identities far out of sight of the computer. They hide behind jokey user names, use false addresses in profiles, never ever include bona fide phone or social security numbers. If people are encouraged – nay, required – to protect their identities, why not treat business data with similar respect?

There’s been a new push towards protecting company intellectual property by monitoring data-handling transgressions within digital borders of a company. Having said that, it’s not a matter of firing the Upstart in marketing for sending unencrypted emails home for her workday Sundays. Rather, it’s a general awareness of just how public the Internet is, and how businesses need to protect their confidential data. Not as an aid to dishonesty, but as a way of competing in a global market place. What if your competition was able to undercut your prices with prospective clients each time you compiled quotes? What if your interaction with private clients became a matter of public knowledge?

Although the Internet is a great place to boost the name of your business, and nurture your client base, keep the rest out of the public eye. Protect your data and protect yourself. It’s just good business.

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