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Computers at risk from heat

Businesses are at risk of losing data if they subject their IT equipment to extreme heat such as leaving laptops in their motocars for prolonged times.

Anti-melt down measures for laptops, PCs and servers should be adopted which is dealing with a spike in data loss enquiries coinciding with high temperatures and thunderstorms.

The biggest risk to PCs and laptops is from power surges and blackouts if they become overheated by direct or indirect lightning strikes or the hot climate.

Tips to protect data include keeping computers in a cool, dry area to prevent overheating, avoiding having too many computers running off one power supply, via an extension cable and installing a surge protector between the power socket and the computer’s power cable.

It is recommended that businesses should check protection devices regularly and use dedicated circuits and ensure IT equipment is not sharing power with air conditioners and fans.

During a thunderstorm, businesses should turn off and disconnect the power cord, and unplug any telephone lines from a modem jack as high voltages can enter a computer through a phone line connected to the modem.

Businesses should also turn off power during a blackout and those with network servers should invest in some form of uninterruptible power supply, which cleans the power supply and features backup batteries to keep servers running during power outages.

Severe weather can cause significant computer damage. The power of nature cannot be stopped, but certain steps can be taken to safeguard IT systems against imminent summer storms and high temperatures.

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