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HDD’s Damaged Due To Poor Packaging

Proper packaging of hard drives is essential to avoiding costly physical damage, yet thousands of drives are unnecessarily damaged due to poor packaging every year—many of them during shipment to data recovery companies.

Data Detect has received both over-packed and under-packed drives “We had one client wrap his drive in bubble wrap until it was over 30cm,” “On the other hand, we’ll get drives that were simply stuck in envelopes without padding nearly every day.”

Some of the more unusual packaging choices have made recoveries very difficult. “We had a client who wrapped his drive in duct tape, no sort of box or packaging, and put his shipping label over the top of it. Another time, a client completely disassembled his drive and sent us the parts—needless to say, that didn’t make our job much easier.”

And though it sounds obvious, something as simple as proper postage can derail a recovery for weeks—sometimes years. We were surprised when one shipping service handed us a package from a client that had been lost in their mail system for over twelve months. “We called the client, and he still needed his data. Within a few days, we had it recovered and sent it back to him—using a different shipping service, of course.”

While most improperly packaged cases ended up recovered, clients looking to keep costs down should take care when packaging their drives. We recommends packing hard drives in an anti-static bag, snugly surrounded by about 3-5 inches of static-free bubble wrap and placed an a medium sized box (small enough that the drive does not have any mobility inside the box during shipment).

Even with the clearest of standards, Data Detect offer its clients free coolection and delivery services nation wide via Fedex.

“Of course, anything that keeps the cost of recovery down is something we’d recommend. With a little bit of care, there’s no reason for a drive to be damaged in shipment.”

Article by *Hilary Davis*

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Becoming the most trusted name in the data recovery industry in Southern Africa, Data Detect offers fast, highly technical data recovery. With an exceptionally high recovery rate we have extensive experience with all manner of hard drives, and offer *free* evaluations for *all* of our data recovery services.

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