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BakBone and BroadWare unveil Linux surve

BakBone Software, which makes data protection software, and BroadWare Technologies, Inc., a distributed video surveillance specialist, have teamed up to deliver the first integrated video surveillance and data recovery system for expediting the real-time recovery of digital security camera streaming video. Built on Linux, this turnkey surveillance and storage solution drives the availability of powerful yet economical video surveillance technologies over IP networks. In addition, it leverages disk-based data protection, reducing security breaches, and can quickly identify potential threats.

Following the recent terror attacks in London and elevated security concerns on all U.S. domestic public transit systems, pressure is building to address the increasingly critical need to capture, distribute, store and recover real- time video surveillance data. Traditional surveillance systems have been limited to closed-circuit television monitoring, manual security observation, and proprietary and costly VCR- and DVR-based solutions. BakBone and BroadWare have combined converging IP-based digital video surveillance, commodity architecture and networked storage technologies to lower barriers to entry and enable more widespread adoption of cost-effective, scalable video surveillance capabilities based on open platforms and standards.

As organizations increasingly assign more critical tasks to Linux for cost and performance benefits, industry leaders are joining forces to deliver open source-based, business-critical applications such as this hybrid solution, which is accelerating mainstream adoption of Linux,” said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of The Taneja Group. “BakBone and BroadWare have collaborated to build a best-of-class, Linux-based storage and video surveillance system that will enable companies to respond more effectively, investigate more thoroughly and recover more rapidly from security threats and/or actual events.”

This integrated video surveillance and data recovery system blends the BroadWare Media Platform (BMP) with BakBone’s NetVault Virtual Disk Library (VDL) backup software for rapid, disk-based recovery of archived video surveillance footage. The ability to conduct near-instantaneous data restores is a dramatic improvement over the lengthy time lags associated with sequential tape access and recovery. In addition, companies can realize the economies of scale associated with Linux-based solutions without compromising their core IT requirements, translating to efficiency gains, better service levels and lower infrastructure costs.

Many of the major modes of public transportation, including airports, rail and subway systems, buses, road transit authorities, and ports, have been slow to employ digital video surveillance systems because of price and complexity. Transportation is one of many industries with a critical need for this integrated approach to security and data recovery.

BakBone and BroadWare are offering our mutual customers a fully integrated system that combines off-the-shelf video surveillance and storage components with affordable, open commodity hardware to streamline deployment,” said Matt Graham, vice president of professional services for BroadWare Technologies. “This approach offers integrators and security- conscious commercial, government and military organizations the ability to easily integrate their choice of technologies in designing complete surveillance systems that evolve and scale as new technologies are introduced.”

Available now, the Integrated Video Surveillance and Data Recovery system will be sold through rs-unix (, a joint BakBone-BroadWare channel partner. The entry level solution from rs-unix includes IBM xSeries x346 server with BroadWare 4-camera setup and Media Platform and BakBone NetVault WorkGroup Server for Linux. Pricing for the entry-level solution starts at $22,000 (U.S).

Article by *Mark Cox*

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